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All questions have been answered by Mohammad Anas Rashid.




  1. How to play arcade games?

    Just goto arcade page and there lots of games that you can play

  2. How to play arcade multiplayer?

    Some games can be play but not all, so you will have to find which game, these games just can be play through facebook.

  3. Can I upload arcade?

    No you cant, becouse this is for just owner, but you can tell the name of the game then I can upload your's game. :)

  4. I am not be able to go on arcade page?

    This page is ristricted for the members only, so become our member and have fun.

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  1. I am not be able to go on photo page?

    Yes, you are, becouse this page is ristricted for the members only, so become our member then you can go.

  2. How to upload photos?

    You can upload, when you visit on photos page you will find the "upload photo" button click on that and upload your album or photo.

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  1. How to upload video?

    When you visit the videos page you will find upload video button just click on that and upload the video.

  2. Can I upload videos from url?

    Yes you can, when you click the button the box will apper insert the video link(metacafe, youtube and google).

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  1. What is podcast?

    Podcast is songs in the format mp3 you can upload podcast and download it.

  2. Which type of songs can I upload?

    You can upload all types of songs including ringtones but in the format of mp3, or you can tell the url.

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  1. If I subsricbe to you, what will happened?

    If you subcribe to us you will be able to get new daily or may be weekly what is happening in our site through your email.

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  1. Not be able to access Download page?

    Yes, becouse you will need to signup or sign in first to play download page, for the protection of our right we have made it password protected page.....

  2. What can i download on this page?

    You can download games and softwares.

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